Global Internship Service, Inc.

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Meet the Team
  • Erin Kim Executive Director
    Erin Kim has been working in the International Cultural Exchange field for over ten years. She has been certified as a professional career consultant from the Human Resources Development Service of Korea under the Korean Ministry of Labor. She has previously resided in the United States as well as Canada and possesses insightful knowledge on American culture and business practices. She has obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration focusing on Human Resource Management from the University of Seoul and a Bachelor’s Degree in British and American Language & Literature from Sogang University in Seoul. Her unique skillsets and her professional experience give her the ability to efficiently and effectively work with partners, coordinate training, and respond to the overall requirements of international exchange programs.
  • Seungjin Jeon Director
    Seungjin received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Konkuk University in Seoul. After he completed his education, Seungjin joined the Republic of Korea Air Force as served as a Major Commander officer for over 12 years as well as collaborating with the United States Force Korea (Combined Forces Command) in the intelligence field during his military career. After he was honorably discharged in 2004, he began working in the multimedia content source business and in 2010 changed his field to the International Cultural Exchange program. In 2016, he received a prestigious reward from the Korean Prime Minister for his recognition and excellence on developing international professional programs for Korean nationals. Seungjin is an indispensable member of GIS providing guidance and assistance to our participants as well as our team.
  • Riel Kim Placement Manager
    Riel Kim has over eight years of experience in the international cultural exchange field working as an administrative personnel and liaison with the students. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Business Management at Seoul National University of Technology as well as a Degree in English Language and Literature. She has lived in the United States, Singapore, and the Philippines, which has enhanced her cultural knowledge and abilities. She also has experience studying Hospitality Management in San Diego. Riel is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Public Policy at Sogang University in Seoul and her cheerful demeanor and her commitment to taking care of our students is highly valued at our company.
  • John Kim Assistant Manager
    John Kim is a Korean-American and has lived in the New York his entire life. Throughout his college years, he worked in law firm specializing in immigration and non-immigration visas for international foreign nationals. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in History at the City University of New York, Mr. Kim decided moved to Seoul and had been working for Global Internship Service, Inc. since 2016. His bi-cultural background and knowledge have been an indispensable asset on tailoring his skills to meet the needs to various clients and our company as well.
  • Krista Nelson Visa Coordinator
    Krista Nelson works as a Visa Coordinator, bridging the gap between Internship-seeking students and their host companies in the United States. She aids and assists applicants with everything from resume writing to interview preparation, in order to ensure that applicants meet the standards of the United States Embassy. She moved to South Korea three years ago to improve her Korean language skills and to gain international work experience. She is also a certified ESL instructor. When she is not in South Korea, Krista travels or visits her family in Chicago, USA. She has received a BA in Psychology from Beloit College (WI, USA), and took a semester abroad at Ewha Women’s University (Seoul, South Korea).
  • Sungwoo Cho Head of Support
    Sungwoo majored in Economics during his college years and completed his Master’s Degree in Social Welfare at Sungkyunkwan University. He has been certified as a social worker and has worked as a vocational trainer at the Seoul Developmentally Challenged Training Center for numerous years. He has lived in Canada, China, and Myanmar (Burma) over the years. He genuinely cares and assists the students and gladly shares his insight and knowledge about his experiences to his fellow peers
  • Lucy Kim Operations Administrator
    Lucy has always been interested in various and diverse fields of design and has worked to expand her skills in different styles through various challenges and experiences. She majored in Japanese Studies and worked as a textile designer for over 13 years. She has also experienced living in Japan and is fluent in the Japanese language. She is interested in the fashion industry and has acquired a variety of certifications such as western costume specialist, suit technician, fashion stylist, and shop master. Additionally, she is nationally certified for skincare and hairdressing, hair beauty, nail art, and as a makeup artist. She also has experience working as a web designer and her diverse experience and background provide our clients with indispensable professional advice and consultation services.
  • Mark Taylor GM of Business Development
    Mark completed his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Phoenix and Master’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Maryland. He is currently working on obtaining his Post-Doctorate at the University of California Berkeley. Additionally, he studied International Business and Psychology and acquired relevant certificates and therapy license. Mark has previous worked as profiler and interviewer for the US. Department of Defense for over five years. After following his ten-year experience working as a U.S. government contractor to prestigious Korean marketing firm overseas, Mark has been the program counselor for cultural exchange visitor program since 2012. Mark's background and early experience with international exchanges of young people from around the world with the United States, ignited his interest and passion in working with people and programs that contribute to a greater international understanding between people.